Brand History
Benzgum, whose name is derived from the works of Chinese medicine and pharmacy, has made important contributions to the development of medical in China and the world. This is why Benzgum is based on medical care and insists on serving the needs of the operating room.
We hope that Bengum is not only a manufacturer and seller of operating room medical instruments, but also a provider and partner of medical services.
Business Scope
Benzgum is not only a provider of professional medical devices, but also a provider of services. We develop and produce all kinds of operating room medical instruments for our customers. These include surgical staplers, laparoscopic instruments, electrosurgical instruments, and other disposable consumables.
At the same time, Benzgum pays more attention to the market situation in each region, as well as the clinical feedback, and constantly invests in the research, development and improvement of new products.

Contact Us

Phone: +86 13120570601

Tel: +86 0571 88352586


Add: Hundsun Science & Technology Park, Room 311-1, Building 1, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, 311121, Zhejiang, P.R China.

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